1 Month Male Breast Reduction Post-Operative Concerns? (photo)

Hello, My surgery included ultrasonic lipo and excision via the armpit. My main concerns are these: 1) The left nipple is darker than the right. Will this subside? If so, does that mean the nipple will become less contracted as well? 2) The left is entirely flat against my chest, almost indented, and its tip goes inward. The right nipple is puffy and protrudes as if there is still too much tissue left. Did my doctor take too much tissue out of the left and leave too much tissue in the right?

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1 month post-surgery is too soon to see final results. Things will continue to change over time. It usually takes 8-12 months to see final results.



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1 month after Male Breast Reduction Surgery

1 month after any surgery is too soon to make a final decision on your results. It takes about 3 full months to see final results. I would continue your follow up with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.

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1 Month Male Breast Reduction Post-Operative Concerns? (photo)

I see and understand your concerns. But way TOOO early to comment Allow more healing time. See your doc more often to keep your concerns in their view. Regards 

Concerns after correction of gynaecomastia

Dear Sheen


At this stage you are only 1-month after your surgery, and from your photos, you appear to have a very good result. Of course, I have not seen your pre-operative photographs, but looking at your chest, it now seems normal with no evidence of breast tissue.

As you will know, there is no such thing as perfect symmetry in the body, and we are all asymmetric between our left and right halves. These asymmetries will apply to your chest, both pre-operatively and post-operatively, meaning that you will always notice some slight differences. However, looking at your photos, these differences do not appear to be significant. Furthermore, you need to wait a minimum of 6-months before you can start to judge the final outcome of your surgery, and up to a year in many cases.

I hope this reassures you, as I think your chest looks very good.


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