One Month Post Op Rhino and Septo Nose Still Has Slight Hump, Will It Go Down?

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty done one month ago and I still see the bump that I had before only difference is that it's a bit smaller now and I asked my doctor and he claims that after swelling goes down it should flatten out so should I be concerned or will it flatten out and if so how long?

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Bump after rhinoplasty

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It is common to have swelling on the bridge of the nose one month after rhinoplasty. If you can press on it and it goes down (ie, its swelling), then it will most likely go down and resolve. If it is hard, it may be that the bridge was left a little high. I would relax and wait. If it doesn't go down, the fix is an easy one.

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Bump after rhinoplasty might go down

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Things are a bit early after one month and the small hump remaining might go down. It would be better of course if it wasn't there and the profile was straight. At this point, you will have to wait things out.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Bump remains 1 month after rhinoplasty--will it go down?

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The truthful answer is "Maybe."

It depends on whether or not the residual bump is due to swelling and scar tissue, whether or not your body will gradually soften and settle the "pseudo-bump," or if the bump is actually bone and cartilage that was inadequately reduced.

Trust me, your surgeon didn't intentionally try to under-reduce your bump, but it can happen. Of the possible "not-quite-perfect" scenarios, it is indeed easier to re-operate and take a bit more than to try to "put it back," but none of us (surgeon or patient) want to have to wait 6-12 months to see how things will really turn out and end up having to re-operate. But that is the reality in a small percentage of patients.

At one month post-op, you should be close to seeing how your nose will look long-term, but it does take 6-12 months to reach a "final" appearance. Judicious steroid injection can help to reduce swelling and scar tissue (if that is the cause for the residual bump), and in some cases can reduce the need for re-operation. Talk to the surgeon you trusted to do your surgery! If the answers you get seem defensive or incorrect, seek a second opinion. Good luck and best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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One Month After Rhinoplasty, Persistent Nasal Hump, Will It Go Down?

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Thank you for your question, Donardo. 1 month following rhinoplasty, much but not all of the edema has resolved. An improved appearance of the bump is often apparent by a few months, although it may take 12 months to see the final result,  At 1 month, it is premature to judge. Allow time for the edema to dissipate and discuss your concerns with your rhinoplasty surgeon. Good luck.

James M. Pearson, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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