One Month Post Op from Arm and Chin Smart Lipo and Barely Any Results?

I had smart lipo one month ago today on my upper arms and chin, and my arms have only reduced by 1 inch and while I do see some improvement my chin is not what I call perfect, I still have slight double chin. My chin and neck is still tight and numb in places, is it continuing to tighten? My arms are still hard in places and itch at times. Will the hard places in my arms melt away and reduce in size or will it just go back to normal?

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Smartlipo healing correctly

One month is not enough time to be healed properly. In order to see your results give yourself a few more weeks to decide if your happy. Be sure to wear the compression garment and keep a healthy lifestyle while healing.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Post Op Hardening

Have you gone back to see your surgeon? By now they should have recommended you to start massaging the areas to break up the hard spots and help with the healing process. What you may be experiencing is a bit of residual swelling. It will go away on it's own in time, but small circular massaging motions will help it along. Start with a light touch and as long as you aren't feeling any discomfort you can massage harder.

Final results typically are seen within 4-6 weeks from your procedure. Is your surgeon Board Certified? The next time you see your doctor make sure they are aware of your concerns. You may still be swollen though and should start seeing a difference once it goes down.

Marwan R. Khalifeh, MD
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