5 month post op breast lift and augmentation. What kind of revision can be done to make breasts more symmetrical? (Photo)

I am 5 months post op. I had a breast lift and augmentation with silicone 305 ccs with moderate profile. They are under the muscle. As you can see the asymmetry of my breasts and size difference. After surgery I felt as if I should have gone larger but at this point I hope for a revision so they will look the same. My right breast has dropped and I am very unhappy with it. Looking for suggestions of how to fix and if physician should be willing to do revision.

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Breast asymmetry after a mastopexy / augmentation

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There is some asymmetry present.  It would be nice to see a pre op photograph to understand your anatomy and asymmetry if it was present.  Unfortunately when operation on two breasts they will not always heal the same.  It appears that you are a little bottom heavy on the right side and possibly a bit larger.  This should be able to be corrected with a revision of your mastopexy.  If you want more upper pole fullness then it is possible that both sides need to be revised and you could consider implants with a larger base diameter.  

Out of fix breast asymmetry after breast augmentation plus lift

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I do see the asymmetry in your photograph.

There is more skin and breast tissue on the right side "left side and photograph" than on the  other side.

Honestly  it would be much easier to lift and slightly reduced the right breast to make it match the left.  If you simply try a larger implant on the left side the lack of adequate skin will prevent the left side from dropping to appropriately match your right side.

Breast asymmetry after breast augmentation and lift

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Sometimes patients have some asymmetries prior to surgery that make doing two surgeries (breast augmentation and breast lift) simultaneously more challenging. Based on your photos. it does appear that the right breast is slightly larger and lower than the left. Volume symmetry can be improved by either placing a slightly larger implant on the left, or by performing a small breast reduction on the right. A comprehensive exam would help to determine which would be the best option for improvement. Thanks for sharing your concerns and photos. Best wishes.

Unhappy with result

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Sorry to hear you are unhappy.
It is difficult to truly comment on your result without seeing your preop photos.  There is a size difference and the implant is lower on the right than the left and so there is asymmetry. I am unsure whether you had asymmetry beforehand. It is also difficult to appreciate how low the breasts are as you have taken the photos with you arms raised. It may be a lot worse with your arms lowered
Overall the result you show is pretty good and corrections can be not only costly but also give no 100% guarantees and may not be in your best interest. One option would be to wait to see what happens over the next months / years. If you wish to undergo further surgery and understand the pros and cons then simply increasing the size of the left (implants or autologous fat transfer) is the simplest procedure. Changing both implants with different styled implants is another option. Finally opening up all the previous scars and performing the mastopexy implant procedure again remains an option - but you need to be aware that with all mastopexy implant procedures bottoming out does occur. 

Good luck


Unhappy with lift and implants

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  • The photo suggests that your right breast implant and lift have dropped,
  • They also appear to be larger,
  • Tissue dropping is a known problem with breast lift + implant,
  • Revision tends to include tightening of the lift, possible implant exchange to a smaller size and often the use of internal accellular dermal matrix - also called ADM - internally to support the implant.
  • Successful revision can be quite complicated and costly. Best wishes.

Lift and reduction

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It looks like you may benefit from a lift and slight reduction in the right breast to match your smaller left one. However if you had asymmetry before your surgery, then this may simply be enhancing it.

Asymmetry after a lift and augment

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is very common.  You do have a difference but it is on the mild side.  If its imperative to you to achieve improve symmetry understanding that with time, you will still have changes that may result in different looks.  There are several options already mentioned but it would be much easier to reduce the larger, lower side and some doctors could do this in their office under local.  Is there a reason you won't see your original surgeon about this as most doctors have reasonable revision policies for such situations.

Five months is too early to consider a revision after breast augmentation and mastopexy.

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The red color within the incisions as a barometer of the inflammation that persists in the entire operative field. Changes will continue and I would advise avoiding any revisional surgery until Healing is complete.


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I'm wondering if your right breast was larger to begin with. It seems like a little more skin removal and perhaps a small amount of breast tissue removal would help. I'm glad you made the decision to not go larger.

Breast asymmetry

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Without seeing your pre-op photos, it's difficult to make proper recommendations.  From what you said, it sounds like you want the right breast to be higher, but you didn't comment on which breast you liked better in terms of size.  If you like the size of the left breast, then the revision would entail putting a smaller implant on the right side along with an internal "capsulorrhaphy" (or pocket-tightening).  If you like the right breast size, then have an internal capsulorrhaphy  using the same implant and exchange the left one for a larger size. It's difficult to answer if your surgeon should do it for free.  Every surgeon handles revision surgeries in their own particular way.  There is no set right or wrong answer.

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