1 Month Post Op Breast Augmentation , Dr. Massaged and Now Severe Swelling, Firm Not Red, No Temp. on Prednisone..what is This?

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Severe swelling after massage

It is not normal to have a severe swelling with firmness after massaging the breast. It may be due to bleeding inside of the pocket.  You should contact your plastic surgeon right away so that she/he may examine you.  A severe swelling due to bleeding/hematoma (blood clot) will require evacuation of the blood clot.

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Possible bleeding internally ("hematoma")

If the doctor massaged your breasts within the first month of so after surgery and you had immediate swelling right after, it is likely that an internal artery  has started bleeding (hematoma).  Does the breast look bruised?  If so, you need to contact your surgeon right away.  If this blood is left inside, it will irritate the tissues and you will have a higher chance of getting a capsular contracture in the future.

Other possiblities include a "seroma" or "lymph lake"; both of which are watery discharges of fluid into the pocket around the implants.  If it doesn't look like a hematoma, your doctor might order an ultrasound of your breast to assist him in confirming the diagnosis.

Hope this helps. 

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