3 Month Post Op Breast Aug Revision with Strattice - Acceptable Result?

I had a revision of 10 yr saline implants that had shifted laterally and bottomed out due to 3 pregnancies and nursing. Revision required strattice placed under and on sides of breasts, and switch to silicone. I am now 3 mos post op. They are still uneven. When I bend over, one sags more. Doc says the one that sags (my nursing boob) has more skin and that is why. Will I continue to see improvement, and if so - how much? Will they even out? First pic is flipped in mirror.

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Acceptable Improvement Following Augmentation Revision

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The pre-revision photo shows some asymmetry both in breast size and shape, as well as implant shape. (Were the volume of your initial implants equal?) Based upon the shape of the implants, and the lateral movement you describe, I suspect that you had some capsular contracture prior to you revision (although I can’t be certain from just looking at the picture).

Your 3 month post-revision pictures show larger implants with more upper pole fullness. The breast base width and volume appear much more symmetric. In the anterior view, there appears to be a bit more looseness of the left breast skin; and this is seen in the diver’s view as well. The lateral pole of the right breast still seems to be a tiny bit more full than the left, but this may be the due to the difference in skin laxity between the right and the left breasts. The asymmetry is within a range that would be considered a normal variation. I think you may see some more improvement in breast shape as the implants continue to settle over the next several months.

If the skin laxity of the left breast is still a concern, this might be improved with a circum-areolar skin excision and tightening. It would be important to discuss this in detail with your surgeon, so you understand the degree of expected improvement and what scars would result.

Right-handed women who nurse may develop more left-sided breast skin laxity because it is easier for them to have the baby nurse on that side.

If you are asking for perfect symmetry…I do not think your breasts will even out, simply for the reason that they were not even prior to your revision (and maybe were not even before you saline augmentation?). But otherwise this is an acceptable result. Comparing the B&A pictures you provided, you have better shape, proportion and symmetry now than before your revision.

Asymmetry is Normal and Natural

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The degree of asymmetry you have is well within the range of normal and we can certainly see it in you pre-op photo.

You might see a small incremental improvement in the different draping of your breasts with a lift, but my counsel is that it would not be worth the additional scars, expense, surgery and recovery. You have come a very long way from your preop photo with very lateralized breasts (draping way to the side)!


Patience Required After Strattice Breast Revision

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In most women undergoing any sort of breast surgery, after three months you do not expect any more changes.  However, when you have Strattice in place to help support the implants in different areas, it can take up to six months or more to see the final result.  You have achieved a nice result currently, with mild asymmetry ( there is always a little), but probabl will still see some small changes.  Just be patient and happy with the improvement you have right now.  I hope this helps.

Acceptable breast revision

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Your result is not perfect but it is a considerable improvement over what you had previously. The surgery did much to improve a problem that can be difficult to deal with specifically implants that are too far apart. You do have some asymmetry of the breasts but perfect symmetry especially in a revision breast augmentation is very difficult to achieve. The result probably will not change much from what it is now, but overall it is a pretty good result and I would resist the temptation to undergo any additional surgery.

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