Is Revision the Only Fix for Asymmetrical Breasts After Implants?

I am one month post-op I have scoliosis with some deformity of the breast bone I feel the right breast is too high too hard and the pocket should have been deeper I did have quite a bit of blood at the inferior border of the implant for the first two weeks. opinion if only revision will fix

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PHOTOS:Is Revision the Only Fix for Asymmetrical Breasts After Implants?

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I am also confused. Your picture does not appear to be post-op and there is very mild scoliosis. However, at one month, it is very likely that your breasts will undergo a change in appearance. Therefore, I wwould wait closer to 6 months to reassess your breasts.

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Breast asymmetry

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I am not sure based upon yoru description whether your photos correlates or not.  There is always some asymmetry between breasts after surgery.

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Breast implant revision

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Are you certain the photo is after surgery?  I can't see in it what you are describing.  Some early asymmetries resolve and some don't.  After 3 months or so, what you see is what you've got so work with your surgeon, massage them as instructed etc and see where it goes.  Be prepared thgat you might need a revision though.

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