I Am 1 Month Post Accutane.. Can I Take Herbal Facials Because I Am Getting Married in 6 Months.

i am 1 month post accutane and my skin is extremely dry, i am getting married in 6 months can i take facials for dry skin and steam? and can u suggest me something that can increase my oil production?

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Accutane and Facials

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You actually don't want to increase your oil production. In fact, that will lead you back to having acne again. Quite simply, you need good moisturization (and steaming doesn't do this! It dries you out more!). You need a good thick moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (i.e. doesn't cause acne) and you need to apply it in the morning and at night after cool water. Facials are fine as long as they don't include extractions or are so excessive they cause peeling. But no steaming!

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