First Month Down from Lipo, Horrible Burning?

I had liposuction done on my belly and love handles about a month ago. While the first few days were uncomfortable, nothing compares to the burning sensation that I now feel on my love handles. I'm getting professional massages done every other day but the burning still brings me to tears. Also, I have fibrosis around my belly button that look like clumps. I'm really worried that it won't go away. please advise.

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Post op pain after liposuction is common

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Liposuction is very traumatic and incurs severe swelling and internal subcutaneous scarring.  Post op burning pain is not uncommon and probable represents "awakening" of the subcutaneous nerves that have been traumatized, but not cut, from the liposuction.  This injury is referred to as neuropraxia and will resolve with time as the swelling subsides.

Treatment consists of massages, which you are already having done, and oral nerve pills, such as neurotin.  You would also benefit from a series of external rolling treatments with Endermologie or a similar system.  I give all of my liposuction patients any were from 5 to 10 post procedure Endermologie treatments to help resolve the swelling and prevent the neuropraxia symptoms from developing.

Good Luck!

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