Hyperpigmentation from 35% TCA Peel. Should I Wait for it to Clear Before Getting Another Peel?

A Month Back I Had a 35% Tca Peel Which Left Me with Hyper Pigmentation. I am using 2% hydroquinone which is helping. Should I wait for it to clear completely before I have the next peel?

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Hyperpigmentation after TCA peel

It is very common to get hyperpigmentation after a TCA peel, although it sounds like you are on the right medication to reverse this, sometimes a stronger preparation may be required if your problem does not clear with the current dose.


Dr Siegel

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TCA peel

Hyperpigmentation after TCA peel means the skin was not prepared . Skin should be prepared before peels with a medical grade skin care program. like OBAJI.

Treating hyperpigmentation is very difficult. It needs skin care program including Retin A and Hydrquinone 4% , or a series of cosmolan masks.

and combined with light peels depending on your color and the skin characteristics.

Now the new Fractional CO2 laser can be used very lightly and EXPERTLY to blend in the colors. You need to be patient for a long term treatment

Samir Shureih, MD
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