Ongoing Allergic reaction after Implant Exchange (Itching and whelps all over body) ongoing got 1+ year post-op. Any suggestion?

Ever since I did my implant exchange (1year ago). 2 weeks post OP...I am having major itching & whelps all over my chest, back, stomach, hands, etc. I have seen 2.5 dermatologist & all I get is dermatitist. "Take Zyrtec or other allergy meds". These are all just temporary relief & all medications have side effects. I want a FIX not TREAT considering I never had this issue before surgery. Docs, this is clearly related to that implant exchange since I had no prior history. What is the FIX?

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No, it is not clear that your reaction is related to your implants. You come in contact with hundreds of chemicals each day. I would suggest seeing an allergist and being tested for food and chemical and environmental allergies. You can always choose to have your implants removed.

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