Do I need to get my tooth extracted? Is it a baby or adult tooth? What happened to the root?

My tooth broke many years ago and we could never really afford to ge it checked. There is only a partial amount left, the other is below the gum line. (I'm assuming) The tooth beside it pushed in closer to it so now there is no gap. I have never had any problems with it hurting. It just recently became loose. I'm just confused as to what would have happened to the root of the broken tooth when the other tooth was pushed so close to it? There definitely is not enough room for it.

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There is no way of giving a definite recommendation without an x ray. Please refer to you closest dentist and get an X-ray. From what you wrote I think you might need to extract that piece of tooth below the  gum and evaluate the possibility of keeping or extracting the one that got loose. Depends on how much mobility it has. 
Dr. Galvá

Dominican Republic Dentist
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Loose teeth

Hi, thanks for your questions. I definitely recommended you to go to a dentist ASAP. A piece of teeth can cause an infection and some gingival disease, pain and loose of bone. I would like that you read more information about the importance of treating dental trauma with time. Go to your dentist and take some x-rays to evaluate the root of the teeth, you maybe will need to replace it with dental implants. 
Good luck!

Yocasta Caba, DDS
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