Mona Lisa touch question. How long does it take to experience improvement in symptoms?

How long does it take to experience improvement in symptoms due to menopause treated by the Mona Lisa touch treatment? I just had my second treatment and have not noticed any change. I am very discouraged.

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MonaLisa not helping menopausal symptoms

In the right patient you should see improvement following the first CO2 laser treatment. You should finish your series and when you return for follow-up ask to be reexamined. Not all postmenopausal symptoms are due to vaginal atrophy alone. Either you may not have been evaluated properly and have other issues/conditions going on, or the MonaLisa itself isn't ablating your tissues enough. The Mona Lisa hand piece does not deliver the same treatment as the FemiLift handpiece which is superior since it truly provides fractional therapy. 
I have treated several MonaLisa Touch non-responders with FemiLift and have seen great results. Please see link below for more information on the FemiLift.
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Denver Urogynecologist
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Improvements are noted after first MonaLisa Touch (MLT) treatment

Even though the treatment with MLT for vaginal atrophy takes three months (three treatments at 6-week intervals), improvement is the symptoms of vaginal atrophy are apparent after one treatment. Most women that I have treated notice a significant improvement in vaginal dryness within two weeks of the first treatment.

Charles R. Hanes, MD
Mobile Urogynecologist

FemiLift and Mona Lisa Touch for therapy of post-menopausal vaginal atrophy.

In my experience with FemiLift (and Mona Lisa Touch utilizes the same pixillated fractioal CO2 laser technology,) patients WHO UTILIZE  THIS TECHNOLOGY FOR POST-MENOPAUSAL VAGINAL ATROPHY usually experience help after the first treatment, and the vast majority after 2 treatments (3 total are recommended.)  If utilized for tightening a lax vagina, the results are more variable, and if used to "tighten" a vagina and lax vaginal floor damaged by childbirth, it doesn't work very well at all. "...Right procedure for right patient in right circumstances..." 

Best Wishes!

Michael P Goodman MD

A Response to ML Touch Therapy is Seen Quickly in Most but Not All Cases

Women with more severe atrophy may not see a significant improvement in their vaginal symptoms until after the second treatment. I am not sure how long ago you had your second treatment, but hopefully you will begin to notice positive changes in your symptoms soon. The therapy requires 3 treatments, and although most women will notice a positive improvement in vaginal dryness and painful intercourse fairly quickly, others will take longer to respond. If your symptoms fail to respond at all after 3 treatments, it is possible that they are not caused by your vaginal atrophy.

Harriette Scarpero, MD
Nashville Urologist
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Mona Lisa and FemiLift for menopausal atrophy. When do you see results?

Results of MonaLisa and FemiLift vaginal resurfacing for menopausal atrophy are seen within 1 week of the first treatment. Most notice an increase in vaginal lubrication first. Menopausal therapy is directed at improving skin elasticity and lubrication. If you were expecting something different than this, then you might not have been counseled adequately. Possible reasons for suboptimal tissue response would be undetected misalignment of the laser beam within the probe arm leading to little or no laser energy being delivered, or too much lubricant on the probe or in the vagina which would diffuse the laser energy. Laser alignment is something that can easily be checked by your surgeon by firing the probe at a moistened tongue depressor.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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Timing for improvement after Mona Lisa Touch (MLT) therapy

Different people might have different response times. Some patients see some degree of improvement as early as their first treatment but I have had some that didn't respond until their second. By the time that therapy is completed most patients have seen almost 90% improvments.  It also may depend on what your main complaint might have been. The symptoms surrounding Vaginal Atrophy are many and varied including but not limited to burning with urination, urinary leakage, painful intercourse, thin vaginal skin with bleeding, vaginal dryness even loss of orgasmic function. Most patients get improvement with many or all of these complaints using MLT if the underlying problem is vaginal atrophy. However many of these symptoms can also be cause by other underlying diseases eg UTIs, fibroids and others.
My suggestion is that you first finish your therapy. You could just be one of those slow responders!
If you definitely don't feel any improvement after you have completed I recommend that to go see a doctor to be worked up for possible other causes. Again this would vary depending on what your main compliant might be.
The one thing that I know for sure is that for the right patient Mona Lisa touch therapy works.
Good luck to you and wish you a good response.

Hughan Frederick, MD, FACOG
Alpharetta OB/GYN
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How quickly does it work

Great question. I have many patients who describe a significant improvement in ability to have sex painlessly  2-3 days after first treatment. I always include the vaginal OPENING (after numbing gel) in all the treatments. However, 5-10% seem to say there is little difference after the first treatment and it is the second one that brings them around.  The longer the vagina is "asleep" (60+-70) the longer it takes to "wake up." This is my experience after treating the opening now for 4-5 months.

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
Encinitas OB/GYN
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