Facelift resulted in significantly widened face. Cheeks are flattened and also formed eye-bag. Can revision undo widening?

six weeks ago I agot a facelift resulting in significantly widened face. cheeks are flattened and I also formed an eye bag on the right side that was pulled harder. On the side that was pulled harder, there is a raised hard spot on lower cheek affecting contour. Doctor is defensive and will not tell me what he did. Doctor mentioned he sutured smas in front of ear. Asked doctor if he elevated a smas flap and he replied yes. Asked if he did imbrication or placation and he said he did both.

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A bit early

So dont rush into anything yet. 6 weeks is very early for any surgical procedure. Certainly there will be a number of changes over the next 3 - 6 months. Rest assured there are many things that can be done once the scars have settled to even out your result if that turns out to be necessary.  Give your procedure and surgeon a chance. Adam Goodwin

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