Can Invisalign fix my front teeth crossbite? (Photo)

I have this front teeth crossbite. Can invisalign fix this ? I have significant out of pocket expense and want to make sure invisalign will be able to fix it?

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My name is Dr. Ken Barton. I am an Elite Invisalign Provider, with offices in N.Y, and N.J. I have treated many, many cases,similar to yours, with excellent results. That being said, from your photos, you appear to have some gum issues. Therefore, before making any plans to begin Invisalign treatment, I highly recommend that you visit a Periodontist beforehand

Manhattan Orthodontist
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Invisalign is definitely an option. The problem with Invisalign is that it does require you to be diligent about wearing the trays. If you are someone who gets lazy about following a plan  then Invisalign may not be your best choice. I encourage you to consider a short term orthodontic solution such as Six Month Smiles. In approximately 6 months you could move these teeth into a more harmonious position, getting rid of the cross bite. You can also upright and get rid of the crowding on the lower arch. The cost will be less than Invisalign and the treatment time will be shorter. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Invisalign to fix a crossbite

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This is limited information, but I can tell you that I correct anterior cross bite cases all the time with Invisalign. I think what you really need to do if find the right provider. Invisalign is a tool and outcome of your case is directly a result of your doctor's knowledge, experience with Invisalign, treatment plan and your commitment to the process.

It will be life changing for you!

Anna M. Berik, DMD
Newton Dentist

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