What Will Improve my Overjet? (photo)

I am in my 30s, had braces in highschool & 2 years ago I finished Invisalign express. I feel my teeth are still "walking out of my mouth." I don't want jaw surgery. I am not looking for a perfect smile, just an improved one. I feel when I smile, my teeth overpower my face. I have receeding gums which makes more tooth visible as well. I regularly wear my Invisalign retainer at night. Would shaving my teeth & re-doing Invisalign help improve my smile & appearance? Recommendations?

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Vertical maxillary excess

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It seems you have a combination of vertical maxillary excess, a short upper lip, and a class 2 bite. this means that banded ortho and stripping would bring the teeth in some but the bite relationship will never be perfect. jaw surgery to correct your skeletal relationship would make great changes but no one jumps on that option usually. upper bicuspid extractions and then ortho may be a better profile result as well. tough case with no easy cheap solutions!

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