Should I replace both implants in tuberous breast implant revision? (photo)

October: my surgeon say he correct assymetry lowering the right path and reducing the areola,change my current implants(235cc)for round/anatomic implants slightly larger(300cc)increase a bit base of the breasts and allow to round the lower right and left segments. Today,he said he can just correct right. So I sent him a mail: "I would prefer to change the implant?" He is OK! I'm afraid that 300cc is too big?I don't know if i keep the implant and he just corrects the right or if i change the 2 implants?

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Revision for asymmetry with tubular breasts

If you are happy with the appearance of the left breast then it is usually best to leave it alone. I agree that the right side needs more fullness on the lower part and a larger implant might be required. If you are changing the type of implant - for example, from round gel to shaped such as Allergan style 410 - then both side should be changed so the breasts will not feel different.

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Should I replace both implants in tuberous breast implant revision?

asymmetry of the breasts are a challenging operative adventure. In most cases a few operations are needed. In my over the internet opinion I would lower the crease, use fat grafting to even out the breasts, correct N/A sizes... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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If having 'perfect' symmetry is important to you

then you will need more volume in your smaller breast.  But your tan lines suggest you are comfortable going out in a swimsuit and if so, why spend the extra money and time and accept the additional risks of more surgery?  I'm positive your changes from your pre-op appearances have been exceptional and if they have achieved most of your goals, it really comes down to how perfect does it have to me for you.

Curtis Wong, MD
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