Correction options for implant tuberous breast? (photo)

Hello. My surgeon must correct the assymetry the 18 March. He says me lowering the right and reducing the areola and change my current implants (235cc) for round or anatomic implants a volume slightly larger (300cc) to increase a bit the base of the breasts and allow to round the lower right and left segments or he said me the left was not too bad and he can just change the right and reducing the areola ? What i do ? I'm afraid ? I'm very anxious, i'm afraid that 300cc is too big ? i'm lost !

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La correction des seins tubéreuses

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La correction des seins tubéreuses est trés difficile. Malheureusement, vos seins ne seront jamais complètement symétrique, mais c'est possible à améliorer les résultats.  Je suis d'accord avec votre chirurgien la décision d'utiliser les implants anatomiques, et il apparaît que 300 cc sera adéquatement remplir vos tissus. La réduction de la taille de l'aréole est également importante pour l'amélioration de l'apparence esthétique. Le plan de votre chirurgien semble être tout à fait appropriée, donc ne vous inquiétez pas !  Bonne chance, /nsn.

Correction options for tuberous breasts with asymmetry

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Tuberous breasts can be difficult to improve because the base of the breast is narrow. If you are happy with the left breast, then it makes sense to revise the right one by placing a larger implant and expanding the lower part of the breast to round it out. If you want larger breasts then it is possible that the base diameter could be increased by replacing both implants. Your surgeon will know best since he or she is the one who has operated on you already.

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