Is It Likely to Pass Along my Nose Hump?

I'm a guy who plans to get a nose job to reduce a hump. I know that surgery usually has a stigma to it and I don't plan to tell anyone about it. My question is, when I do get married and decide to have kids, how do I explain it if their nose do have a hump? Is it possible for it to skip a generation or appear out of nowhere? I'm pretty sure my hump is due to genetics.

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Plastic surgery for men is very common and doesn't have the stigma attached to it like it did years ago.  Your children may or may not get the nose you have it is genetic but they may have their mom's nose.  Good luck with your surgery and find a good local plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty

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Is It Likely to Pass Along my Nose Hump?

There is certainly a genetic component to our nasal shape. However, it is a single factor among many that determines the ultimate shape of a person's nose. If you're unhappy with your nasal shape, a rhinoplasty can be performed to create a shape that is more pleasing for you. There should be no stigma in pursuing a procedure that creates a change that makes you happy. With regard to future kids, you likely will not know what their noses will look like until they're through puberty. I hope this information is helpful.

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