How should I shave to prevent "strawberry legs"?

Every time I shave I get nicks and red marks on my leg as well as shaving not even being effective because there is still hair left under the skin. I have tried everything to try to get no hair but immediately after I shave I still have hair on my legs and arm pits.

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Shaving hair

I am not completely sure of your question but laser hair removal is a great option to reduce unwanted hair. Hair removal also improves texture of the skin and can often times reduce discoloration of the skin from chronic inflammation from "razor burn" and ingrown hair. A little trick I suggest to patients who have easily irritated skin from shaving is to use a a razor that has more blades. Women's razors usually get 2-3 blades on and men get 5! It seems to help reduce a lot of skin irritation.

Lima Phlebologist

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