Is this mono or congenital eyelid ptosis? (photo)

So I have these eyelids that have no fold. No one in my family has similar lids. I am 20. I was born with my eyelids like this. I posted a question asking about my eyelids before and doctors responded says it is congenital eyelid ptosis. I just want a few more opinions. Is it just a mono eyelid shape or is it congenital ptosis? Also which doctor would I go for this issue? Optamologist?

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What type of ptosis do I have

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You need to have pictures showing you look stright, up, down,  left and right, all while your head is facing the camera. In other words the camera is directly in front of you and you move your eyes without moving your head for these photos. Based on what I see from these pictures you look like you have congenital ptosis. Why don't you make an appointment to see an oculoplastic specialist close to you. 

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