Should I Be Monitor with a Blood Pressure Machine

I have a fear of getting my blood pressure check, it makes my heart race. I watched someone die by looking at blood pressure reading. I am thinking about having laser resurfacing done under the eyes and above the mouth with just local injection. I have ask the doctor not to put me on the blood presure machine while he did my laser. He said he didnt see why I would have to have it because I was just having local,I might take an ativan maybe before the laser. would yall think this is safe to do?

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Laser resurfacing does not need blood pressure monitoring

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Although one may not need to be monitored during the procedure with only local anesthetic, one's blood pressure should be checked before the procedure, especially before epinephrine is used in the local anesthetic as this can stimulate the heart rate and blood pressure if one has sensitive increases of blood pressure. Also the blood pressure should be checked before a patient is given Ativan. The oxygen saturation can be checked with a finger tip device without monitoring the blood pressure. With a history of heart racing it would be prudent to get a medical clearance even if no sedation or general anesthesia is used. 

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Blood pressure monitored during Laser Resurfacing

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You didn't mention if you have a blood pressure problem  independently of  the Laser resurfacing procedure.

If you do, make sure that your blood pressure problem is under control before the procedure.

You also didn't mention if it was going to be Traditional or Fractionated Laser resurfacing.

For Traditional Laser Resurfacing limited to the eyelids and upper lip, we take a preop blood pressure reading and we use Local Anesthesia.

We don't monitor the bloood pressure during the procedure unless we do the full face.

For Fractional  Laser Resurfacing, we just use Topical Anesthesia and we don't take a preoperative reading or monitor the blood pressure.

Ativan would be a good pill to take to control your anxiety.

Yes, it is safe to do local areas of laser resurfacing with only local anesthesia.

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Yes, it is safe to do local areas of laser resurfacing with only local anesthesia.  If you are still anxious, your doctor could prescribe a mild sedative to take orally.  

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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You certainly do not need blood pressure monitoring during laser resurfacing.  I would ask your doctor to prescribe you something for your anxiety as there are things that may work better than ativan.  You can bring someone to drive you and hopefully have an anxiety free treatment.

Melanie L. Petro, MD
Birmingham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Should I Be Monitor with a Blood Pressure Machine

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We always use total monitoring of patient's vital signs when we do laser resurfacing, however, these are done when it is deep laser treatment and usually under sedation or anesthesia. For more superficial treatments, a pretreatment vital signs should suffice.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

No BP monitoring necessary for laser treatment around the eyes

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Diane, your anxiety is normal and no one will fault you for being nervous.  Ativan is safe before the procedure, but that is up to the physician performing the procedure.  In addition, I do not believe that BP monitoring is necessary for laser treatment limited to around the eyes.  While I have seen some physicians use it for full face treatments, for just around the eyes I do not believe it is necessary.

I also would like to suggest that if you are nervous about a known BP condition, that you have it treated and under control before the procedure.  Otherwise, there is no concern about your BP even if it was raised during monitoring.  You are allowed to have a high blood pressure when someone is pointing a laser around your eyes ;)


Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

BP monitoring during ablative laser treatment

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If you are healthy and have no significant history of chronic high blood pressure other than your "white coat hypertension" then there is no reason to have  continuous BP monitoring during treatment with local anesthesia.  Many people suffer from a fear of having their blood pressure taken, which artificially raises the reading.  Taking a prescribed Ativan is a good idea and will make your experience alot better. 

Lee Robinson, MD - RETIRED
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

No need to monitor BP

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Diane, there is no need to monitor your blood pressure while you are having a laser with topical anesthetic. If you are healthy we would not expect you to have significant  pressure changes that would warrant monitoring. I do not check blood pressures when doing lasers. 

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