Swelling after eyelid surgery - how to get it down? (Photo)

How to get quickly down swelling after it sewn eyelid surgery? December of 2014, I made it. But still now, it has been swelling. Surgery doctor said to me there is any cauma pain in my body. I showed all of my body. it was normal. Before I had fat of my eyelid. Could you help me what cause it?

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This is not swelling.

This is badly designed eyelid surgery.  You have a disinsertion of the upper eyelid levator aponeurosis.  The creases were made too high, and the eyelid platform the skin is not properly adjusted.  You need an upper eyelid repair of the levator aponeurosis, a lowering of the upper eyelid crease, and a proper anchor blepharoplasty.  I do not have a surgeon to recommend for you in China but Dr. Yoon DucK Kim, the Director of Oculoplastic Surgery at the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, Korea does this type of work.

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