How Much Money Should I Set Aside in Case of Revision Surgeries or Severe Complication Fees?

Hello. I'm getting blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelids, open rhinoplasty, silicone chin implant, ottoplasty, breast implants, labia minora reduction, and fat injections for the laugh line area. I am going to a great surgeon. I need to know how much I should save for revision surgeries, as well as all possible complications with each surgery. Even though the chance of that many complications is very rare. Thanks for your help.

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Planning for complications

Please do not plan for complications in this way.  Some offices can offer insurance plans for cosmetic procedure complications, but then, look at what vibration you are emanating into that Universal Law of Attraction process?  It took me almost 20 years in practice to see that my patients who are trusting and confident going into surgery are also those with the best results, and those who are worried, stressed, or fearful are exactly those who suffer complications.  There is no data to support this, just my personal clinical observation.  So, don't worry, and know that your "great" surgeon will do a "great" job for you! 

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Tough to answer, but info you should know...

Very tough to answer, and I applaud the previous surgeons on their answers.  I do want to provide some additional information and opinion.


As a common point of discussion, lets assume a surgery generates THREE bills: 1. a surgeons fee, 2. a facility fee, and 3. anesthesia provider fee.

It is my opinion that reputable surgeons will not charge for additional surgeon's fee for any revision work as long as that revision work is temporally close to the surgery.  ie, if a patient comes back years down the line, with an issue, that is not "covered".  On the other hand, if you have a wound breakdown two weeks after surgery, reputable surgeons do not charge their patients additional SURGEON'S FEES.  Keep in mind, surgeons often can not control the cost of the facility or anesthesia (those other two components)

Now in terms of catastrophic complications such as blood clots etc, there are insurance plans that the surgeon can give you the option to purchase, or purchase them selves on your behalf..  Cosmetassure is one.  These insurances will cover you for cosmetic "complications" but read the fine print. I do not believe they cover ALL complications.  They may cover medical issues like clots in your legs or clots travelling to your lungs, but say your implants are infected and need to come out...they may NOT cover that.  Again, look closely at the fine print of the insurance policy.


Having said all that, I think hoping for the best is a great way to go. I don't know that there is a specific number or amount you need to have saved. Many complication issues can be dealt with first and the bills later - but this may also vary by surgeon, and best to ask before you have your surgery.


Wish you the best of luck. Hope this was useful.

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Revision Surgery Costs

Because every surgeon has different policies and prices associated with revision procedures, it is best to ask you operating surgeon this exact question...RAS

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