How Much Money Does It Cost to Switch from Invisalign to Metal Braces?

I asked about switching earlier and got that question answered. But I was just wondering, what would it roughly cost to switch from invisalign to metal braces? I'm still pretty early on in my invisalign, 5/23.

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Changing treatment is always more expensive. Some credit will apply but to start over with braces is a whole new process. Talk to your Dr and look at all the pros and cons before you rethink this. You need to write out all your questions and go over them with your Dr

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Switching from Invisalign to regular braces - is it worth it?

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Having worn both I do not see braces as a more convenient alternative to Invisalign, especially for busy people. Having regular braces comes with food restrictions, a significant increase in time spent keeping your teeth clean as well as greater adjustments discomfort. Quickly snacking multiple small meals during the day is no picnic with braces on your teeth. Talk to your doctor about your routine and see if you can strategize on how to integrate the Invisalign into your lifestyle.

How much the switch will cost depends on the individual treatment contract you have with your treating doctor. Some offices may add a surcharge, while others may not. If you are looking to go to a different doctor, have your current doctor make the referral for an outside consultation. Many offices provide an initial consultation at no cost. Be sure to bring your pre-treatment records such as photo's and x-rays with you to that appointment. Good luck!

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon Orthodontist

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