Trying to Choose Between Sleeve and Switch.

Hi there I am 37 years old and suffer from three hernaited discs in my back as well as osteoarthritis. So I am on a lot of pain medication. I'm in Canada and was on the waiting list for 7 years I had my consultation last week I am down 50 pounds on my own I am currently 265 pounds 5'4 so I would like to loose 100 -130 pounds I'm having a hard time deciding on the the surgery to choose any information would be greatly appreciated

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Sleeve or DS? Which one to get

If you're looking to lose 100-130 lb a sleeve is more than enough without going into a more agressive procedure with more complications and a much different lifestyle that the DS offers. In our practice a sleeve is crafted in 25 minutes and the results are outstanding. Look for longterm complications and I know that will help you decide. 

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Dr. Alvarez

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