Can I Have a Mommy Makeover and a Tubal Ligation at the Same Time?

I am 26 years old,I am 150.My goal is to get to 140-145. I have lost a total of 45 pounds. I have 2 kids and would like to have a tummy tuck, breast implants and have tuba ligation at the same time. Is this safe?

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No reason for tubal ligation any more

There is really no reason to subject yourself to an invasive tubal ligation for sterility any more. A new procedure "Essure" can be performed by your OB/GYN in an office setting without any incisions or anesthesia. Small coils are placed in the Fallopian tubes during a pelvic examination that clog off the tubes and eggs are prevented from passing into the uterus. After the Essure, than you can have your tummy tuck performed by your plastic surgeon under ideal circumstances rather than having to deal with 2 surgeons, open incisions, gas pumped into your abdomen, increase risk of infection, do I need to go on!!!!

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Tubal Ligation and Mommy Makeover ?

I would agree with the other plastic surgeons in that a coordination of efforts with your GYN surgeon is all that is required, I have one other suggestion because I got burned on this once.  Be sure to have your plastic surgeon place the incision mark on your belly button first and make the gyn doctor stick to that mark. If they put the punture hole for the tubal to deep in the belly button it will make the belly button have excessive scarring. Good Luck

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Can I Have a Mommy Makeover and a Tubal Ligation at the Same Time?

Yes, it is acceptable.  There is only a slight increased risk of infection when combining Ob/Gyn procedures with the mommy makeover.  It is a matter of being well informed and working with a team that has done many of these combined procedures together to get the best outcomes.

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Mommy makeover, tummy tuck, and tubal ligation - Los Angeles

I work with ob/gyn doctors to coordinate a tubal ligation with tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles. A good combination procedure. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Mommy makeover and tubal ligation

Yes, it is possible to have a mommy makeover and a tubal ligation at the same time.  please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover.  your plastic surgeon will refer you to an ob/gyn who can do your tubal ligation.

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Mommy makeover and tubal ligation

Yes these procedures can be combined. The tubal can generally be done with small limited incisions. This should bot affect the blood supply to tissues elevated for the mommy makeover. Make sure the surgeons coordinate with one another to enhance the safety of all procedures. Good luck.


Dr. Ambay

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Combining a tubal ligation and a mommy make over

From your description you may be a good candidate for a mommy make over and it should be acceptable to combine this with a tubal ligation.  You should first be seen in consultation by a plastic surgeon who can review your risk factors and determine the best treatment plan to address your concerns.

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Mommy Makeover & Tubal Ligation Can Be Performed At The Same Time; It's Usually Done Laparoscopically

The mommy makeover and tubal ligation can be performed during the same operative procedure. Once a woman decides to undergo a tubal ligation, it often represents the beginning of a new phase in their life. Not only do they want a tubal ligation, but they also want to reverse the changes in their body associated with pregnancy. This can be accomplished by performing a tubal ligation in combination with a mommy makeover. The mommy makeover includes cosmetic breast surgery, liposuction, and abdominoplasty.
When tubal ligation is added to a mommy makeover, it adds significantly to the operating room time. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically, which means that air is infused into the abdominal cavity during the procedure. This air is evacuated at the conclusion of the tubal ligation. Unfortunately, some air may be left behind, which potentially makes tightening the abdominal wall difficult. For this reason, some plastic surgeons prefer staging these procedures.
This type of procedure combination has an increased potential for complications. For this reason, patients should undergo a comprehensive pre-operative medical examination before proceeding with surgery. Make sure your plastic surgeon and gynecologist have good communication and have co-ordinated their surgical plans. With this type of approach, cosmetic results can be excellent.

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Tubal ligation and Mommy makeover fact it is done routinely.  The plastic surgeon and the ob/gyn will coordinate the surgery.  The plastic surgeon does about half of the tummy tuck and before he closes the ob/gyn comes in to do BTL.  Works very well.

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
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Tubal ligation and Mommy Makeover

This combination of surgery may be very possible.  I have performed a tummy tuck combined with a hysterectomy as performed by an OBGYN specialist, but in that case the patient was admitted to a hospital for a day or two.  A tubal ligation as well as the mommy makeover are both outpatient procedures, but as always  I would confer with your doctors to be sure they feel comfortable with this combination of procedures.


Good luck to you.


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