Mommy Makeover Redo? Doc Said He Would Do Lipo With TT, But Didn't, Resulting in A Hip to Hip Scar And Fat Sides?

It was agreed that minor lipo would be done with my tummy tuck. However, the doctor decided during surgery that lipo was not needed. My end result was a hip-to-hip scar and fat on the sides. A couple weeks after surgery, the doctor wanted to do a minor revision to remove puffiness aka fat and afterward advised me that with pressure and massage the swelling would go down. A little past 1yr later I have a flat tummy w/ side handles. Should the doctor have done lipo as orig. agreed? What shld I do?

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Side handles after tummy tuck

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Thank you for the question, without photos and examination it would be hard to give an answer. From your note it seems that you probably needed extended tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and fat in addition to liposuction. My advice is to discuss your concur with your plastic surgeon or get a second opinion.

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Hip liposuction with tummy tuck surgery

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It is difficult to explain why your surgeon elected not to perform liposuction during your surgery, especially given the fact that you had planned that preoperatively. However, sometimes the surgical plan is altered during surgery for the benefit of the patient, depending on circumstances. I would encourage you to continue to discuss this with your plastic surgeon, let them know that you are not yet happy with your lateral fullness and ask what can be done to correct that. I find that  we like to have happy patients and would expect that your surgeon would be willing to help you reach that happiness post operatively.

Mommy Makeover Redo

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The physician may have made the proper decision on the table.  It is hard to second guess without more information and photos. However, it seems that his/her error was not to fully explain his thought process prior to surgery and thus not preparing you fully for the options.

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