Mommy makeover recovery with little help?

I live alone. Getting mommy makeover (mini TT without muscle repair + lift with implant). I'm staying over night at the recovery center and then friends will stop by to help but is it enough? How much help do you need day 2 -7? Do you need someone there all the time?

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Mommy Makeover Recovery Help

The first night is the most important, but it would be good to have someone on standby if you need help the following days. If my patients do not have help, we offer a surgical companion or nurse to stay with them the first 2 days after surgery, this may be a great service for you to look into. Consult with your board certified plastic surgeon for their recommendations. 

Planning for recovery after mommy makeover

The simple answer is follow your plastic surgeon's recommendations, but the important thing is to have someone with you the first night (which you are doing.) After you go home keep in mind that you will not be able to drive if you are on pain medications so plan ahead for what you need. Two things that I believe improve the recovery process are Exparel so you don't need to take as much pain medication and are able to be more active, and the progressive tension suture technique so that the drain tube can be removed sooner.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Mommy makeover recovery with little help?

Since you are having a mini TT without muscle repair, you will not need as much assistance as if you had muscle work done. I believe you should have people with you the first several days at least and will find that you are doing better by day 7.

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Mommy Makeover and Help

You will need help for a couple of days. See if one of your friends will stay with you for a couple of days after you return home. Otherwise, your surgeon should have a list of nurse/ caregivers that stay with patients after surgery. It would be very wise to invest in this.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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