Mommy Makeover With My Own Fat? (photo)

Hello! My biggest insecurity post babies is my entire lower half (mostly legs). I started researching liposuction and found that it is now possible to use the fat from legs/abdomen, etc. to augment my deflated breasts - what a bonus! My questions are 1) what are realistic expectations for lipo? 2)Which areas should I have done and which method should be used? 3)Would lipo work on my abdomen? 4) Is it too good to be true that I can use the fat from these areas for my breasts? Thank you!!

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Mommy Makeover using fat transfer

 You do have some contouring that can be done in the lower body.  Some of that fat can be used to augment your breasts but keep your expectations realistic.  Fat graft success is somewhere between 30-50%.  Breast implants are much more predictable.  Harvest the fat with syringe liposuction and then either VASER or traditional liposuction should get you where you want to go. 

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Mommy Make over

Your plan is very good.

The maximum amount of fat to each breast is 150cc, put in a three dimentional manner building from down up. this is dine from multiple angles for a three dimentional build up of fat, for better take of the graft. Lipo should be done very gently to preserve the viability of the at cells. The fat should be prepared and decanted and centrifuged to purify it.

The plan you outlined in the pictures is very good. Except the posterior thigh, do not lipo posterior thigh, that fat supports the buttocks.

Abdomen only by physical exam can tell if muscles are seperated and need work and if there is excess skin for a tummy tuck or only liposuction.


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