Hematoma at 6 Day Post-op Mommy Makeover?

I noticed that there was a lump in the upper part of my belly button and yesterday (6 day post op) Around 2pm the oozing went up to 100cc bright red and I felt as if something was inside inflating. I was in escruciating pain. I called Dr (not avail just nurse) her only advise bed rest. Around 6pm the pain began to subside, when I went to bathroom I began feeling dizzy pale, losing air, chills, it was horrible. What should I ask Dr to perform surgery? what to do I am scared to feel this way again.

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Bleeding six days after tummy tuck

you should be seen immediately by your surgeon or proceed to the nearest emergency room.  The nurses advise was unsatisfactory.  Bright red blood suggests active bleeding. Light-headedness, pale and dizzy can signify significant blood loss.  Go Now!

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Post Tummy Tuck Bleeding Requires Immediate Attention

Bleeding 100ccs of bright red blood 6 days after surgery requires immediate attention.  Calling your plastic surgeon was appropriate, but when your plastic surgeon's nurse told you bed rest was the answer, you should have had someone immediately drive you to the emergency room.  Based on the information you have provided us, I am afraid your post operative care has been woefully inadequate.  In my practice, a complication as you described would require me to see you the night of the bleed, and probably perform some form of intervention to include taking you to the hospital to evaluate and treat the bleed, hematoma, or whatever.  

At this point, it is appropriate to call your plastic surgeon and demand an in person, immediate evaluation to include whatever treatment he or she determines appropriate to include surgery if necessary.  Be sure your plastic surgeon understands the gravity of what happened and that his or her nurse treated the situation by telling you "bed rest".  It is very possible your plastic surgeon is not aware of what his or her nurse did, and it is very possible you will be helping yourself and your surgeon's other patients by informing him or her about exactly what happened the night of the bleed and also the next day. 

Your description is that of an emergency.  If your plastic surgeon's office does not treat it in an emergent fashion, then you must seek help elsewhere. 

Bleeding after surgery

You need to see the surgeon immediately.

Call today to see the doctor and not the nurse. Only he/she can decide if you need surgery and how fast.

Remember when choosing a surgeon, availability after the procedure is as important factor as choosing the right surgeon. Plus he/she has the moral obligation to see you in case of emergency.

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Complications after Mommy Makeover?

I'm sorry to hear about the experience after  mommy makeover surgery. Based on your description,  I would be concerned that you may have been experiencing a significant complication. I would suggest  evaluation by your plastic surgeon ( or whoever is covering his practice) ASAP.  In the event, that you experience similar symptoms in the future seek urgent medical care ( nurse consultation  will not suffice).

 Best wishes.

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Bleeding after mommy makeover

Given your description of bright red bleeding and feeling dizzy, you should contact your plastic surgeon and go to the emergency room immediately.  You want to make sure that you are not actively bleeding; in addition, you want to check your blood count to make sure you are not anemic.  After evaluation, your plastic surgeon may need to explore your wound and stop the bleeding.  Good luck to you.

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Bleeding after Tummy Tuck

You are bleeding after your tummy tuck.   The title of your question is absolutely correct.  You should seek immediate medical attention in the emergency room and have family/friend/EMS transport you.


I wish you a safe recovery!!

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