Mommy Makeover for Tired Eyes?

Skin changed around the eyes post child birth  can you recommend a specific mommy makeover, and its benefits in terms of reversing stress and sleep loss skin blemishes?

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Mommy Makeover for Tired Eyes

For the blemishes, starting with Retin-A once done breast feeding is good. A good moisturizer is also needed. After that one can consider fillers if there has been fat los wound the eye socket or some light laser peels to improve skin quality.

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Recommendation for eye blemishes?

Without any photos, it is difficult to say anything. I don't know if you need a nonsurgical procedure, skin care regimen, or eyelid surgery.

See a board certifed plastic surgeon in your area and get recommendations after a evaluation.

Best of Luck and sorry I couldn't be more help to you.

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Tired Eyes

Thank you for your question.

I think it is very normal for a new parent to be exhausted and look/feel tired all of the time.  Generally, the "mommy makeover" refers to body transformation after having kids BUT who is to say that the eyes can't be a part of that ?  

I would suggest that you give yourself time to adjust and see if things improve with time.  IF this still bothers you, then Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) could be an option.

Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to get advice and options for your specific case.

Best Wishes!

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Tired Eyes require Blepharoplasty. Mommy Makeover refers to Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

Tired eyes generally refers to hooding of the upper eyelids and puffiness or bags of the lower eyelids.

These eyelid changes certainly can become more noticeable after having children and I would agree that correcting eyelid changes should be considered part of the Mommy Makeover when eyelid aging changes are noticeable enough to bother you.

Modern Blepharoplasty can make dramatic fresh improvement in the appearance of the eyelids. I use the laser to perform Blepharoplasty and in my hands it has significant advantages.

It is important to seek consultation with a Plastic Surgeon who uses modern Blepharoplasty Techniques. In the past 10 years new safer more effective methods such as Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty (incision on inside of eyelid-not visible) and fat grafting have dramatically improved results and avoided the old problems of the sad eyed look and hollow eyed look after old style Blepharoplasty.

Makeover for mommy eyes

Parenting occupies a major part of our adult lives and its toll is often apparent around the eyes by puffiness in the lower lids, hollowness around the lower eye sockets and/or droopy upper eyelids.  Like anything else, you should analyze the contributing factors and try to reduce their influence, if possible.  Don't forget to have your PCP evaluate your thyroid because disorders of this important endocrine gland can have ophthalmic manifestations and possible environmental and/or food allergies, which can cause intermittent swelling. 

Apart from the basics, getting enough sleep, resisting stress, staying hydrated, you may wish to investigate cosmeceuticals, eye creams specifically can be compounded to address dark circles, dehydration, etc.  Consult a reputable aesthetician. Sun spots can be addressed by physician prescribed hydroquinone/kojic acid/retinoic acid compounds and/or photofacials.  Increasing up the invasive scale, hyaluronic acid injections to the periorbital area add volume and appear to brighten this zone.  The good news is that this zone "retains" the correction for 8-11 months.  Finally, the surgical technique of "blepharoplasty"  removes excess skin, remodels fat pads and gives results which are long lasting.  Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Mommy makeover for tired eyes?

The mommy makeover procedure refers to getting a womans body back into shape after childbirth. This usually includes a tummy tuck, breast lift or breast augmentation, and usually some liposuction. It is no wonder that you may have tired eyes after child birth, maybe your husband does too? It is not easy to get enough rest with a new  baby getting you up at all hours of the night! You might want to give it some time until you are getting more rest, then if you don't see improvement you might want to consider Botox. For the best recommendations, have a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Good luck!

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Tired eyes.

Without photos, it is difficult to tell. There are a number of things that may give a "tired look", so accurately identifying them is crucial to selecting the appropriate intervention.

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