I Have a Mole That is on the Edge of my Eyelid. It is Raised About 0.5 Cm and is Almost 1 Cm Across?

I have a mole that is on the edge of my eyelid. It is raised about 0.5 cm and is almost 1 cm across. The ophthalmologist (ocuplastic surgeon) proposes taking a wedge out of my eyelid and sewing the sides back together. I have severe dry eyes and have had serious eye problems due to that. Would you have any other suggestions for dealing with this mole? Thanks for the web site. Tammy

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Mole removal

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I would highly recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon regarding your concerns.  It would be very helpful to see a photo of the area.

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Mole at edge of eye

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I have been removing these with FR without leaving any scar. The recovery is quick.



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