Mole removed on my face. How long to keep steri strips on?

Hi, I had a 5mm mole on my face removed by a plastic surgeon. This mole was cut out and had 3-4 stitches. -Steri strips were put on top of the stitches for 7-8 days. -I went back to the plastic surgeon who removed the stitches then placed steri strips on top of it again. I forgot to ask him how long should I wait to take these steri strips off. Should I wait for another 7 days or 14 days? Thank you for your help.  

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Post operative mole removal

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I would call your surgeon ad ask for their post operative preferences.  I normally ask my patient to wear a form of tape a bout 4-6 weeks to minimise the scarring.  I would remove the steristrips after 7 days and replace with new ones or with a skin colour tape to apply some pressure to the area.


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