Mole Removal by Shave Excision, Some Pigmentation in the Scar After 3 Month?

I had 6 moles to be shaved. Unfortunatly 4 of them got quite an ugly pigmentation in the scar. (After 2-3 month). It doesnt look very nice, also some scars are a little bit raised above the skin level. How could that happen? Didnt the doc go deep enough to shave all of the cells of? what can be done now? The result with pigmentation in the scar wont be very good...

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Shave excission of moles/nevi

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Shave excision by definition only removes the portion of the mole that is above the skin, so partial recurrence of the mole (either pigmented/dark or flesh colored) is very common. The bump that you see could either be a flesh colored recurrence of the mole or a hypertrophic scar. If the health care provider that removed the mole went significantly deeper then you would have gotten a scoop mark there which I feel would be a poor result.

Options for the resulting pigmentation would be to have it evaluated. If it is above the skin then you could consider re-shaving it off or you could have the area excised, but you would have a line scar in the area. Or you could leave it alone. If the bumps are scar tissue then injections of cortisone can significantly soften and/or flatten them.

My only critique would be that if you have never had a mole shaved off before, having six of them done at the same time is a lot. It might have been better to do one or two and see how they heal before doing six

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