What Are my Options for Removing Facial Moles? (photo)

I'm considering getting raised moles on my face removed for cosmetic reasons. I have provided a picture to give you an idea of their size (approximately the size of a pencil eraser each). What do you believe may be the removal procedure my dermatologist may recommend if I do chose to go forward with it? A major concern I have is that, if they are removed, will equally unsightly scaring will take place?

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Mole removal

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There are a couple of treatment options to consider.  One is doing a shave excision and the other is a complete surgical excision using sutures.  I would recommend that you discuss these options with your physician.  With either procedure a scar will result.  A shave excision may yield a better cosmetic outcome. 

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There are many ways moles are removed.

I always recommend total excision so that we have a speciment to send for pathology for examination.

Of course this will leave a scar.

Some surgeons or dermatologists may shave it, freez it. also will leave a mark behind.

The question is what type of trade off you are willing to accept.

Discuss the options with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist

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