Mole Removal on Nasolabial Fold Without Scarring?

I have a facial mole right above the nasolabial fold on the right side of my face. It isn't raised above the skin, per se, but it looks like a small bump. What would be the best option for Mole removal without leaving a scar behind?

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First Step

the first step is to have it evaluated, and biopsied.  In this region of the face, a small biopsy should be done---if the spot turns out to be benign, nothing else may need to be done, and it heals without a scar.  If it is a skin cancer, then your dermatologist will help you with the next step of planning treatment....and, yes, you may be left with only a barely visible scar.

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Mole Removal without Scarring

Thank you for the question.

There is no way  to give you good advice without direct examination. However, you should be aware that some scarring is to be expected after excision of any type of lesion. The idea would be to “hide” the resulting scar as much as possible.

I hope this helps.

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Tough question

It all depends on the size, texture, location of the mole. If it is a brown mole, the most effective way of removing it would be to surgically excise the lesion. That would result in a linear incision scar. To most people a small non-obtrusive mole may appear better than an incision line. However, if the mole was within 1-2mm away from the nasolabial fold then an excision is a very good method of removal, because you can hide the scar in an anatomic fold. A shave removal of a brown mole will not get the color out. Bottom line. It needs evaluation.

Nobuyoshi Kageyama, MD
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