Second Laser Mole Removal Needed?

I recently had a slightly raised pinpoint-size mole on my face. I had it lasered at a cosmetic center. A black scab formed and fell off, now it has left behind a reddish brown mark that is bigger (but now flatter) than my original mole. Is this something that requires a second laser treatment, or is it due to scarring?

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Lasers for moles

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The scar from type of laser "ablation" that you have is typical for this procedure. It sounds so small that it would be better to just have it directly excised and closed. A board certified plastic surgeon can easily accomplish this with minimal apparent scarring. Also, when a "mole" is ablated by laser there is no tissue to look at under the microscope to rule out a skin cancer. If you visited a physician who does not do surgery, yet has a laser, then that is all that he or she can use and they do not recommend surgical excision or tell you that the scars will be worse (which they should not). Do yourself a favor and get an opinion by a board certified plastic surgeon. There are some indications for lasers, but a plastic surgeon can tell you ALL of the alternatives and resultant scars and advise you what will be best for you based on your skin characteristics, scarring tendencies, etc.

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