Mole Removal 3 Days Ago and Experiencing Pain and Itching?

Hello,I am 20 yr old female.I had a mole removed on my face 3 days back and now I experiencing pain and itching around the affected area and the skin became rough and dry as well as red abit there ,just like little pimples forming.My dermatologist gave me Cicatryl. Is it the cream causing it or its normal? I had eczema two years back. I am very worried,,Please help

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Pain and itching after mole removal

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Cicatryl is a prescription Vitamin E antibiotic used for wound care in other countries. Some people can be allergic to medications like this, and it sounds like you are. I would stop using that (substitute with plain Vaseline) and be seen by your doctor as soon as possible. You shouldn't have these issues, especially the pain, after a simple mole removal. 

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