Mole Removal on Breast Before Breast Augmentation

I had 2 moles removed one month ago. One is on my lower breast. They are both a half inch long and normal incision size. I have been massaging and applying lotion everyday, they seem to have flattened and lightened a little but are still quite red and pink.

Is it too early to have Laser treatment done? What kind of laser do I need for color and for keloids? And how long to wait before Breast augmentation? Also, what are "dogears"? The surgeon told me he did it in purpose so the incision would flatten better.

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Mole removal on breast before augmentation question

You don't necessarily have to do a laser treatment, you can do an excision of the keloids but be warned, it may not be a permanent fix your body may produce another keloid scar in its place. If you did do laser treatment you could get Hyperpigmentation or a line of demarcation. There is no recommended wait time for a breast augmentation, just listen to your body. Dogears are small surface elevations on your skin and usually over a few months, dog ears will flatten completely.

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