Mole Removal,Effect On Beard and Scarring? (Photo)

I want to remove ~3moles via excision (on cheecks) and I am wondering how bad will it damage my facial hair(beard) I am still in my early 20s and it hasn't fully developed but I do want to have a nice beard within few years. I know that via excision they cut out a lot more skin around the mole,I don't want to have 3 big almond shaped patches in my beard. Also, with silicone sheets what kind of scar can I expect in a month and a half? (vacation at sea) and how does sun exposure impact scarring?

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Mole removal and scarring on the face.

Hi there,

Yes, you are correct and an excision will involve removal of an eliptical piece of skin from your cheek to give you a nice linear scar.  In hair bearing areas like the beard some hair follicles will also be remvoed with the skin excision, however when the skin is closed the elipse will close as a straight fine line and should not leave you with a bare patch of hairless skin.  When placing scars on the face, as a plastic surgeon I will usually place the scar in the line of the hair follicles to minimise scar and hair loss.  It will be unlikely that you will have hairless patches on you face after an uncomplicated excision on your cheek.

With regards to scar healing at 6-8 weeks is when its worse in terms of redness, lumpiness and tenderness.  It then settles down from about 8 weeks, however can take up to 12-18 months before it stops changing.  Silicon sheeting will help with the scar maturation and promote healing. 

I usually advise keeping out of the sun for the acute period (2-3 months) after any skin excisions like this as it tends to darken the scars and make them more pronounced and obvious long term.

Hope this helps

Stephen Salerno


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