Mole on neck: benign or melanoma?

hi doctors; i must first admit i'm shaking from fear as i type! i've had a raised mole on my neck since i was 9 years old (i'm 21 now). When it first appeared i peeled it then it re-appeared. It has irregular borders, is multi-colored, and it is mostly elevated except for the lighter part. It's not large though. So i'm guessing this is most likely a melanoma. i sometimes feel pain underneath it but not sure if that's from it or my neck muscles. How could i be more sure what this mole really is?

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Mole Removal

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First, you definitely need to see a dermatologist to get your mole checked in person, as well as have a full body check for other moles. Pigmented birthmarks, such as moles, result from an overgrowth of cells that create pigment. A doctor should also evaluate a mole when it first appears. Moles need to be checked regularly for changes in size, color or texture due to the possibility of a sign of skin cancer.

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Mole removal options in Los Angeles

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Our office specializes in mole removal in Los Angeles. If you are concerned with a mole, biopsy may be warranted to assess its malignancy potential. 

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