Age 16 With Mole On Lip. What is My Best Option, and Approximate Healing Time?

I am 16 year old male & ive had this mole on my lip all my life, and iv'e been wanting it off for as long as i can remember. I am on summer vacation and i start school on Aug. i want to know what my best option would be for my surgery, im thinking of getting a full excision with stitches? And i want to know aprox. How long would it take to heal.?

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Mole on Lip: Removal Options

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Two options are available: tangential excision and excision with closure. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Tangential excision works well on skin-colored moles; however, some of the nevus cells (cells that make up the mole) may be left behind and some of the mole may recur especially if the mole had pigment before surgery. Excision with closure works best for pigmented moles or moles that are flat. Best option is to see a board-certified dermatologist or other specialist that does a lot of skin surgery and talk to them about your options. Good luck.

Mole Removal on the Lip

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First, make sure that a board-certified dermatologist evaluates the mole prior to excision.  Also make sure that a dermatopathologist reads the slide.  If the mole appears normal on dermoscopy, then it does not have to be removed.  If it is changing or bothering you, then it should be removed.  Being a board-certified dermatologist and ear, nose and throat doctor, I can tell you that the lips heal quickly.  Depending on the size of the mole, I would do a punch excisional biopsy and close it in a fashion so that the line runs with the normal lines of the lip.  The pink lip usually heals very nicely.  The white lip may show the scar a little more depending on how the patient heals.

Jay S. Gottlieb, DO
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologist

Mole removal

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I would highly recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation and possible treatment.

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Options for removal of a facial mole

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Depending on its size and location, facial moles can be easily removed by either a full excision with sutures (stitches) or a shave (tangential) excision. Dermatologic surgeons, typically do both procedures expertly and can decide which would be best for your particular mole. Either method, done properly, should heal quickly on the lips and result in a minimal scar. I would recommend being evaluated by a board certified dermatologist that specializes in surgical procedures, as plastic surgeons rarely do shave excisions.

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