Hi, I Had a Mole on my Neck It Was Removed and Now Growing Back?

Iv had the mole since I was about a month old I'm 18 now and it started to change I went to the doctor and she looked very worried about it and sent me to the hospital just over a week and a half later I had it removed in day surgery they sent it off to check there was no cancer it come back clear but now it's growing back and fast the mole that was there before was big I'm very worried about this should I be?

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Regrowth of a mole

Hello and thanks for your question.

It is not uncommon for moles to grow back if they have not been completely excised in the first place.  You should check the pathology report and if it has not been completely excised then you should ensure that it was benign pathology and if so then you can leave it alone.  If there is anything suspicious about the mole then you have it re-excised with a bigger margin to ensure that it is completely removed. I would be contacting whoever removed it in the first place and asking then for a review to ensure that it all checks out.


Stephen Salerno

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