Got a Mole on my Jawline Excised with Stitches, It Has Healed Well but How to Prevent the Scar from Being Raised? (photo)

My mole & the stitches came off its only been 2 weeks and its healing so well Im surprised. I cannot see any scar just a faint light pink fine line which Im told will vanish into lighter white over time, however Im a bit freaked out cause this morning I saw that at the end of the line its a tiny little bit raised, should I be worried? I have heard how people get keloiod or that raised scar thing they laser or put silicone sheets for? Am I getting too ahead of myself? hope it stays flat!

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Looks like the area will heal nicely...

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 too soon to make any firm predictions but looks like a very nice job and at only 2 weeks you're ahead of the relax and watch the area mature...if there's a bump in several weeks, it can easily be reduced...not a fan of the silicone sheets at this point...think they're hyped by some beyond what they deliver...

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Mole removal

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The area appears to be healing well.  I would still give it more time to heal.  It is important at this time to avoid sun exposure to the area as it heals.

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