Mole Has Grown Back in an Asymmetrical Shape

I went last month to the dermatologist since the mole I had on my back had increased in size, had turned somewhat asymmetrical and had changed in texture (scaly, giving it a grayish hue at my once perfectly round back mole). The doctor decided to extract it right away and send it for a biopsy. The results came back indicating it was benign. However it has grown back and appears to keep growing asymmetricaly. Could the biopsy results be incorrect? Should I worry? Should I consult a different doctor?

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Regrowth of a mole

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It would depend on the mole type and how the mole was excised.  If it was shaved it is not uncommon for it to grow back again.  If you wish to have it completely excised then it will require to be cut out in its entirety.  I think if you are concerned a bout it then you should see your surgeon again and request that it is completely excised.


Stephen Salerno

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon


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Depending on how the mole was removed the first time, a shave , will come back.Now it needs to be surgically removed in total full depth and submitted for biopsy

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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