A Mole Growing on my Skin? (photo)

Hi, I have what looks like a large mole growing on my skin in two areas. One is on my back, and the other, smaller one is a little to the left of my stomach. I'm attaching a picture of the one on my back. Would love to know what it is and if there's some simple way to treat it. The one on my stomach, I kind of gently scrape it from time to time which is why I think it has stayed small. But the one on my back, I can't reach, so it has grown as it wills. Thank you for any help you can give!

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Mole removal

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I would recommend that you see your dermatologist for an evaluation and possible biopsy of the lesion. 

Mole removal on the back and chest

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Self-diagnosis and treatment is usually not recommended when it comes to moles. I would defer to the expertise of a specialist in mole removal for a diagnosis and possible tissue examination.

Moles that are changing need to be seen in person

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Use the ABCDEs for moles. Any moles or spots you have that are changing need to be examined in person by a dermatologist or dermatologic surgeon and evaluated. None of us can give you a diagnosis from a photo, but we will all tell you that anything that changes needs to be seen quickly.

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