Mole Frozen and Blistered?

Hello I am a 65 year old Female. I have been attending a Skin Specialist to have those crusted grey spots that we older people get Frozen off. On my last visit the mole on my neck that i have had from my teens was sprayed. It blistered and bled after i used a towel after showering. This part dried off and has come away . The rest of the mole is half there. With this happening should i be concerned the Mole being disturbed and becoming cancerous? Regards , Margaret.

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Mole frozen and blistered

Moles are either cancerous, or not. They don't become cancerous after freezing. What happens when a site is frozen is that liquid nitrogen is applied to the site and it causes the layers to separate, sometimes this forms a blister. It's nothing to worry about and you should care for the site as directed by your dermatologist.

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