Mole from Birth on Upper Right Nose Bridge Where Glasses Nose Pad Rest,cause Mole Change? (photo)

best Way to Remove Safe Without Scar? It was small like a dot at birth, grown with age and got bigger,it stopped growing at teenage, kinda oval shape.Laser treated twice both time grown back flat,irregular shape(is it bad sign?) brown background with some darker spot,size about 5x7mm now, best way to remove? by Laser?cryotherapy?other?what result,chance of grow back,how safe of each method? What kind of scar could excision leave? Is it a sensitive area to remove since its near nose bone?i wear glasses everyday,should i stop wear it?

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Removal of mole

Hello and thanks for your question.

I will be straight up forwards and say that there is no way of completely removing a mole without a scar.  You will always have a small scar and it will not be nice to begin with and then it will settle down and be less obvious.  It will be most obvious for a bout 6-8 weeks when it is red and quite obvious and then over the next few months it will settle down and be much less obvious and after about 18 months will a little hypo-pigmented in colour compared to your normal skin colour.  The face normally heals very well and is not an issue.  You will essentially be replacing a brown pigmented spot with a linear scar.


Stephen Salerno

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