Mole Removal for Vertical Mole

I have a mole on my facial cheek, it is slightly raised and is about the size of a pencil eraser, it has tiny hairs, if I rub my finger over it it is bumpy, like i can feel the top of the actual mole. It is a shape of a football, except the football is standing straight up. Like the mole is more vertical than horizontal. Does that mean the scar would be vertical???? It is pretty narrow but long as in up and down on the cheek. I don't know how u would be able to stitch it up horizontally.

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Probably no vertical scar...

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Without seeing a picture, it is difficult to tell what kind of scar that you would get.  I personally disagree that radiofrequency can remove moles without scars.  Any surgical procedure that enters the dermis will most likely result in some type of a scar.  True moles or nevi are composed of nevus cells.  These cells do not originate from hair follicles.  Moles (Nevi) are most likely related to melanocytes; thus, why you get pigment associated with moles (nevi). I would worry about destruction of hair follicles, as numerous studies have shown that areas of skin with more hair follicles tend to heal with better scars. (Therefore, it can be assumed the epithelial migration from hair follicles contribute to faster wound healing).

Would you get a vertical scar; probably not.  The only scars that tend to grow vertically are keloids.  If you have a tendency for keloids, then the probability of a higher scar may increase.   A picture would help tons.

Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon

Mole removals with minimal scars

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To avoid a "surgical" scar, I use a radiofrequency generator with a wire loop to remove facial moles.  Because of the probability of a hair follicle source, I have to go deep under the surface to destroy the follicle.  The resulting scar is imperceptible after the wound heals in 80% of cases.  15% will have a shallow depression that fills in over the next 6 months.  5% may have what looks like an acne scar (worst case scenario) but the mole is gone.  There may be a recurrent pigmented spot in rare cases, but we just treat the pigmented spot again at the office.

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